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RestorativeYoga Teacher Training: in 8 weeks.


Expand your skills and experience the practice,  & benefits from the comfort of home, your sacred space.


ONLINE Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

September 6 - October 25, 2020

Weekly for 2-3 hours on Sundays


"I would just like to say one more time what a delight it was to watch the training. It is so valuable to be able to access these videos to relearn as needed. Also, the information that you have put together is valuable beyond measure. Thank you!!”

- Lesha Dent, June 2020


Earn 20 hours Yoga Alliance + get a bonus class when you sign up by August 30th


Gain: Full manual with photos, Prop tips, Proven sequencing, Safe Restful Techniques for any population, and get New Scientific Research on the Nervous System 

Restorative Yoga, through long-held, prop supported postures, teaches that even though a pose appears to be still, there is a subtler action going on that involves a symphony of breath and body that brings the entire being into a state of deep repose and release. 
The training is ideal for the dedicated student or teacher who wants to dive deeply into understanding the nervous system and how deep rest can facilitate reduced stress, increased immunity, and bring more harmony into your life as a student and teacher. Every Sunday from September 6 to October 25, we will alternate each week between a 3-hour lecture, and a 2-hour discussion and class. It's a great stepping stone to a discerning practice and greater depth of knowledge.
Recognizing these are challenging times, we are offering various pricing options for the course that may suit your needs. The training is experiential (lots of time in the poses) and with emphasis on developing embodiment within the practice. A complete manual is included with 20 Yoga Alliance credits available.
The course will be recorded for on-demand viewing if you are unable to attend. 80% or greater attendance LIVE is required in order to receive a certificate. If you don't want the certificate, you may take as little or as much on-demand as you like.  For any missed classes, there will be a review administered of the videos for those wanting a certificate.  

Enroll by Sunday, August 30th & Recieve a Bonus

Pre-Recorded Restorative Yoga Class upon registration!  

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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Restorative Yoga is long-held adaptations of traditional yoga postures passively supported by props. It is the art of being rather than doing. A restorative practice is learning to regulate the nervous system to complement the body’s natural healing process and the need for rest. 

This course is open to all who would like to deepen their yoga practice whether you plan to teach a restorative class or not. So much can be gained with the understanding of the adaptations of traditional yoga poses with the utilization of props. With support, energy is received, tension is released, circulation is improved without the need to expend great energy. 

The Benefits of a Restorative Yoga Class Include: 
- Powerful relaxation to access a state of pratyahara (a withdrawn state).
- Restoration and exploration of the mind, body, and soul in passive postures.
- Energy flow and healing with the utilization of props as supportive tools.
- Clarity, connection, and a spirit of offering through Ishvara Pranidhana (the divine within). 
- Using the poses to create a safe container for regulating the systems of the body.
General Outline:
Each week alternate between: 
3 hours: lecture and experiential poses (weeks 1, 3, 5, etc.)
2 hours: discussion and a full restorative practice (weeks 2, 4, 6, etc.). 

For Everyone
- Experience 1 full restorative class every other week.
- Utilize props as tools for enhancing a pose in a supportive and nurturing way.
- Break down key passive restorative poses.
- Investigate the purpose, comfort, and alignment of those key restorative poses.
- Learn to create a nurturing practice through the structure and sequencing of class. 
For Teachers
- Discuss sequencing and cueing techniques to meet students where they are today.
- Address how to teach restorative “safely” on or off-line
- Obtain credits toward Yoga Alliance continuing education for 20 hours.
Sundays, September 6- October 25, 2020 
4:00-7:00 pm MST
(3 hours on odd weeks, 2 hours on even)
Restorative Yoga Teaching Manual
ON-DEMAND replay! Recorded & available for download
One-hour individual live-streaming private coaching session with Melissa, email for more info. 

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

8 Week Investment:

$425 Live, Lifetime Replay Videos, Manual, Certificate 

*Best option for those in need of CEU's for Yoga Alliance 

*Must attend 80% of live sessions to get the certificate (you can miss 3 sessions)

$375 Live & On-Demand Videos, Manual, On-Demand, No Certificate 

*This option is great for the student wanting to expand knowledge and

for those who can't attend 80% or more live

$295 Discounted/no questions asked option* —Live & On-Demand Videos, Manual, *no certificate 

*Discounted price also valid for

returning students - retaking the same course 

*Certificate may be available upon request with specific requirements met: 100% live

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