Yoga Nidra Meditation Trainings

With Richard Wilkinson


The Internal Peace Initiative was such an enriching experience. The curriculum was extremely well-organized and was perfect for my schedule. This course deepened my own practice tremendously and I feel like I am prepared to teach a yoga class to anyone else. The teachers genuinely cared about our progress and the environment was judgment-free. I would highly recommend this school to anyone considering a 200 hour course!

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Benefits of the Course:
This course is great for yoga teachers and aspiring meditation practitioners. Learn about the more common types of meditation styles so you can familiarize yourself with what students may have practiced and prepare you to respond to questions they may have for you. Most of the time of this training will be focused on Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) and much of that time will be spent on teaching you the principles of iRest Yoga Nidra. iRest Yoga Nidra is designed to be Trauma Sensitive (little or no chance of activating or agitating attendees). It has been shown to be very helpful for people that struggle with anxiety; depression; trauma (PTSD); fear; grief, etc. We are always available to answer questions post-training. The Internal Peace Initiative Yoga Teacher Training graduates will receive continued support at no extra charge with additional scripts, recordings and information on the latest research about meditation on an ongoing basis.
Benefits of iRest Yoga Nidra:
  • iRest Yoga Nidra is also wonderful for those of us who are generally happy and healthy.
  • iRest can bring calmness, clarity and insight to a practitioner.
  • iRest has specifically been approved by the US military as a complimentary therapy.
  • The Canadian military has recently committed to introducing iRest to veteran and active duty personnel.
  • For more info on iRest please check out their website:
What the military is requiring to treat PTSD:
The Canadian Government passed a law in 2018 that mandates First Responder and Military organizations (including doctors, nurses, prison staff, etc.) to formulate a plan to detect, prevent and treat PTSD.
Richard is currently working with a group of First Responders who are taking a pro-active approach to comply with the government mandate to prevent and assist those with PTSD. This group is including iRest in the recommendations. Richard's hope is to build a network of trained Yoga Nidra teachers across Canada that can offer meditation sessions based on the iRest principles in order to be an integral part of the solution for people who work in sectors that are at high risk for PTSD. Ideally creating a demand for teachers trained specifically in the iRest principles - not just at GoodLife but potential anywhere!

"Training was great! Truly one of the best courses that I have ever taken. I wish that it wasn't over. I learned a lot! I want to teach meditation. It feels like the missing piece, and more important than teaching Yoga."