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The Movement Diaries

with Jordana Edelstein

February 2021

Episode 14: Rethinking Rest with Melissa Smith Wilkinso‪n

My guest Melissa Smith Wilkinson is a restorative yoga teacher and teacher trainer and her expertise on rest is incredible. 


We talk about how, like movement, rest is not all or nothing and can be so much more accessible than we think. We don't need a 90 minute restorative practice with 6 bolsters, 3 blankets and 24 blocks or 12 hours of sleep. You sometimes only need a few minutes of time to reset. 


This is a radical shift, for me included, but has the power to help us manage stress, feel happier and more content throughout the day. 


We also dive into: 

  • How the act of non doing can be a mindful, deliberate choice

  • Why do we resist resting

  • The unmatched power of pausing to pay attention 

  • Some really simple techniques you can try right now to explore how you can bring rest into your day without adding another thing to your to do list or having to make additional time. 

The OhMazing Way Podcast:

Richard Wilkinson on Resourcing Our True Self

January 2020

“In my 20s I felt more comfortable and more confident in myself to just let go of the seemingly needy attachments of having all my friends like me and approve of what I was doing… and just really became myself.” ~Richard Wilkinson


Join The OHMazing® Way podcast creator, producer and host, Beth Reese, PhD, E-RYT, RCYT, YACEP, and guest Richard Wilkinson, RYT200, a yoga and meditation teacher and leader, in a conversation about the paths and possibilities of resourcing your true self. Richard also leads an iRest meditation—iRest yoga Nidra is approved by the U.S. Surgeon General and has been used by the U.S. military for over a dozen years. Richard is an international leader offering classes, workshops, and retreats individually and with his wife, Melissa Smith-Wilkinson.

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The OhMazing Way Podcast:

Melissa Smith-Wilkinson on Embodied Parenting, Mindful Communication, and the Yoga of Self Study

May 2019

“When I asked my son what was the one thing he would say would be important for me to share, he said, ‘mom, it all comes down to empathy.’” ~Melissa Smith-Wilkinson, E-RYT


Join The OHMazing® Way podcast creator, producer and host, Beth Reese, PhD, E-RYT, RCYT, and guest Melissa Smith-Wilkinson, 500 E-RYT, in a conversation about choosing to have an intervention with one of her sons, embodied parenting that includes empathy, modeling behavior, and mindful communication. In the first half, Beth shares a brief mindfulness practice for getting grounded. Next, Melissa authentically shares her journey as a parent with her son’s behavioral challenges paired with new insight into the importance of embodying what we want to see in our children. In the second half of our conversation, Melissa offers practical and mindful communication skills with others along with the benefits of finding our own authentic voice or true north.

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MSW Changing the Face of Yoga

Changing The Face of Yoga Podcast

May 2019

Podcast interview with Stephanie of Changing the Face of Yoga Podcast, Yoga Lightness, we talk about the importance of self care for caregivers (and everyone!), how the event is organized and the impact of the Alzheimer’s epidemic is having on caregivers. If you’re wanting to start your own seva / service projects this is great inside glimpse into how to get started.


Please join us in listening and supporting her podcast!

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