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"I liked the way Melissa explained Anatomy as a functional yoga applied method. I loved all the teaching tools she offered for each pose with props, alternatives and other ways to see things."

“I had a delightful time with lovely people learning how to offer the gift of restorative yoga.”

"Melissa, thank you so much for a wonderful Yoga Therapy training. I have really enjoyed the group and the learning and feel so much more knowledgeable in anatomy and postural assessment and of my own body's strengths and compensations. The restorative yoga sessions have been great and after struggling a bit to see how to integrate the yoga therapy approach into my practice and teaching, it now all seems to have fallen into place. With a big happy hug!"

“Whilst preparing for a restorative class yesterday, I read through your notes on my follow up homework after the restorative training early this year. The first time, I zipped through them and didn’t give them much thought. I read them more carefully this time, and want to thank you for the time and attention you gave to your observations and suggestions.”  - George S.

"I really enjoyed going through the set up and exploration of restorative poses and also working with my peers on the postural and yoga therapy assessments. The group energy and sharing, mantras and meditations were also highlights in this training for me."

“Taking part in the Gentle/Sustainable yoga training was so beneficial from both a teaching perspective as well as a maturing (aging) practitioner of yoga. Melissa imparts her wealth of knowledge and teaching experience in an encouraging, uplifting, energizing and compassionate manner. During the asana practices that Melissa presented, I found the invitation to move the body into poses without rigid adherence to alignment principles but actually using the body to feel the comfort of the posture, empowering. Melissa’s teaching approach in creating an environment of curiosity within the student with an open invitation to take ownership of what is needed in the practice to make it sustainable was such an eye opener for me. As my body ages, I love the feeling of empowerment which invites me to my mat each day to beg the question,  “What does my body need in this moment?” and respond with honesty and sincerity.” - Kim U.

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