Join us for retreats in extraordinary places! With more than 15 years of combined retreat host experience, Richard and Melissa are excited to share some of their favorite peaceful destinations, restful yoga and meditations, and fun, connected community with you!

Annual Art, Nature & Yoga Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico

September 16 - 20, 2021

Casa Los Dos
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Ghost Ranch Retreat  

New Mexico

TBA 2021

New Mexico
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"Melissa is an exceptional teacher. Continually studying, learning and growing into the best teacher she can be in order to offer more to her students. I am always in awe and impressed by how much she has accomplished. I value her teachings and I honor who she is in the world. I would highly recommend her retreats, workshops and training." -Jenn, November 2014

"Just wanted to say a special 'Thank You' for being such an amazing instructor. Your classes are always awesome. Love the variety, the music & all of the interesting facts that you share with us. Coming to your classes is always a pleasure. We are so lucky to have you". Barbara H. 

"Richard does a fantastic job of making his classes safe and appropriately challenging for all ages and ability levels. In his class you can regularly see everyone from young athletes to seniors with disabilities and everyone is enjoying a great yoga experience". Shannon M.

“Dear Friends, to anyone looking to slow down this year, give yourself a treat or simply take some time for themselves, I can't recommend this lady enough.  Melissa is an amazing yoga teacher with years of hard earned experience. She runs retreats and teacher trainings in the most fabulous locations. I bet it would be a week to remember. I still think back with a big smile on my face to my week with Melissa in Thailand.”  Natasha E.

“Melissa inspired me to become a yoga teacher. I’m sure this year’s retreats will nurture and rebalance all who join.”

- Danielle R.