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Slow the fuck down.

That title feels a little too edgy for a yoga blog but... I'm feeling feminist meets Buddhist meets realist these days. I started blogging publicly in 2009. First with Blogger (now defunct), then Tumbler and now this. Actually, I started journaling when I was just a kid. My first diary had a lock and key and a drawing of Winnie the Poo on the cover and was filled with song lyrics by country singers... oh little me, you had your whole life ahead of you to discover joy and suffering are not incongruent.

Feeling joy (and pain) requires slowing down. Tara Brach said "to go fast, go slow." I am naturally slower these days. That is not a bad thing. My life is not what I imagined... the title of my unwritten biography. And yet, it is perfectly- imperfect.

When I slow down, I transform. I become tender and vulnerable to feeling, noticing and becoming authentically myself.

“Choosing authentic means…nurturing the connection and sense of belonging that can only happen when we let go of what we are supposed to be and embrace who we are.”- Brené Brown

What isn't better when we can find the space between thought and emotion? What isn't better with rest and being still? What isn't better with slow, long conversations with our beloved friends? What isn't better when we lean into listening in order to be changed by what we hear?

“There’s more than just one answer to these questions, pointing me in a crooked line.”  - Indigo Girls

Through words, movement, music, nature... and simply living (not to be confused by living simply -- which I will never profess to), I hope to share from my heart what I am learning and growing into... will you join me in this slowing down journey? What would you like to read, learn or experience more of through this blog? Please share below.

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