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Art, Poetry & Yoga Class Series

Art, Poetry & Yoga Class Series

These classes are suitable for everyone & especially for those wanting to weave love of the arts. 5 classes, $50 for the series.


Class 1: A mindful and meditative look at Georgia O'Keeffe's Black Lines (1916) and poetry by David Whyte. We interweave both into our movement and finish with the discovery discussion about the artwork and experience.


Class 2: A meditative look at the photography of Mijoo Kim, accompanied by the poetry of Mary Oliver and David Whyte. We interweave our experience into our movement and finish with the discovery discussion about the artwork and experience. A gentle comparison of photographs of O'Keeffe taken by Tony Vaccaro in Abquiqu, New Mexico and the "haenyeo" or sea women of South Korea. These women are now part of the Unesco intangible cultural heritage sites.


Class 3: "I love music more than anything. Only the color makes me feel the same thrill.” - Georgia O’Keeffe Mindful look at O'Keeffe's abstract, Series I - From the Plains, 1919 and the powerful effect of synesthesia which is a neurological condition in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses stimulates several of your senses-- you taste words or see sounds. We explore a mediation around taste, music, and art. And, of course... a little poetry (can you guess who wrote this?): "Clouds drift away when they see you, Rain wouldn’t dare to fall near you here,

Miracles happen when you’re around.”


Class 4: Painting and poetry intersect through remembering. The poem One Summer by Sunil Bhandari intertwined with Tawny Chapman's portraits which are loosely inspired by repositioning black faces works of art inspired by the Vienna succession and Gustave Klimt. While her paintings celebrate her childhood, she is drawn to reimagine subjects in museums she saw as a child and depict the underrepresented.


Class 5: What is the history of trees rooting throughout your life? We explore trees, movement, and Georgia O'Keeffe's work. Learn who she did portraits of --famous people painted as trees.

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