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Introduction to Somatic Restorative Workshop

Introduction to Somatic Restorative Workshop

Intro to Somatic Restorative Yoga & Experiential Practice: The Rest of Practice: Somatic Restorative Yoga
3 hour workshop includes discussion, somatizations and experiential class.


Meditation, experiential dive into fundamentals of somatic movement and how to combine it with restorative yoga. Our discussion will include: what somatic restorative yoga is and its benefits. Simple set up instructions for restorative. Plus we will explore a practice together and finish with an optional discovery discussion about your experience.


This somatic restorative series marries slow purposeful somatic moment with long head prop supported postures. Soma (living aware) or somatics is the awakened awareness of the body within movement. The difference between restoration and somatics is sensing through stillness verses sensing through movement.
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