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Somatic Restorative Yoga Series

Somatic Restorative Yoga Series

4 classes, 90 minutes each 


“When we contemplate the miracle of embodied life, we begin to partner with our bodies in a kinder way.” 
 Sharon Salzberg
Week 1: Creating a Ritual around Rest
Week 2: Using Minimal Props
Week 3: Cultivating Gratitude Amidst Grief
Week 4: Soothing Anxiety
Please set up a space that feels supportive and peaceful for yourself. We have a harmonious mixture of discussion, experiential examples and class time.


Please gather: 5 blankets, 2 standard sized pillows, a bolster & 2 blocks if you have one (if not, no worries), a wash cloth for the eyes, and a “sand bag”. You can make one from a zip locked bag of dried beans or rice and rubber band a tea towel around it. If you choose to experiment with some weighted postures.
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