"So having had the absolute pleasure of experiencing restorative teacher training with Melissa Smith Yoga I absolutely recommend that everyone try introducing this wellness into their practice! It truly reminds you of the reasons why we practice yoga and allows you to really understand yourself beyond the asana."
​-Amanda G. December 2017


​I​nvite Rest...

A Restorative Yoga Workshop

The Atrium

Houston, Texas

January 31, 2021

Busyness in the attention economy has been glorified. What if we learned how to truly rest and be still, so that we could have more energy and make clearer more authentic choices in our life? 

How then do we define rest? Rest is repose, peace of mind and a calm nervous system. When we rest, we are doing the opposite of what our culture tells us we should be doing - we are instead, being, allowing our mind and body to function with clarity and more ease.

This workshop is for anyone who has been wanting to understand how a restorative practice can benefit them - both teachers and students with a love of learning and self-care. Restorative postures are long-held, prop-supported poses that work on a deep cellar level for restoring the systems of the body. 

Explore essential restorative postures that fit your body’s needs. Learn techniques to customize these postures for individual concerns. Whether you are practicing on your own, working one on one with a private client or someone you care for, or teaching in a group setting, learn how to adapt the poses for specific needs such as low back or hip pain, sacroiliac instability, neck discomfort and shoulder injuries. Learn key principals that you can apply to create a peaceful, nurturing and yet unique experience for your own restorative practice or your student’s. We will also introduce the principal of somatic movement and how it benefits and enhances a restorative practice. 

"There is always a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that forever is a gift you bring to your Restorative Workshops, Melissa! Somatic experiences and fluid body sensing is the best... I am excited to bring new tools to my practice and bring an ever deepening experience for students to feel restored, renewed, and empowered." 
-Pamela, January 2017

"Thank you Melissa Smith for such a wonderful, inspiring weekend! The discussions were inviting and exploratory and the knowledge enlightening! You are a wonderful teacher that truly cares about the student, the content and producing teachers that understand the mysteries of the body mind and spirit."
​-The Woodlands Yoga Studio, January 2017

​I​nvite Rest:

A Restorative Yoga Workshop

January 31, 2021
$60​ non-members / $55​ members (limited to 30 people)

Somatic Restorative Class Only:

January 31, 2021
$30 non-members / $25 members (limited to 30 people)

Yoga for Strength Workshop

The Woodlands Yoga Studio

Houston, Texas

May 1-2 2021

Yoga for strength. 
Slow is the new strong. How we can mindfully move through our practice to gain BOTH strength and flexibility. Learn how these 2 concepts are not mutually exclusive. Explore a practice that builds awareness allows for personal exploration and empowerment within each pose. Redefine your understanding of what it means to stretch in yoga through research based biomechanics in asana. The first 3 sessions will have a combination of discussion, diad work and practice. The last session will be a full practice incorporating asana for strength and asana for restoration with passively supported postures. 
Our first session will lay down our foundation for the weekend. Explore the terms of biomechanics and through movement get a clear understanding of key terminology. And, how what you say does matter and even the most subtle shifts will alter how you perform a posture. Learn techniques for alleviating pain and how tissues (injured or not) adapt and heal. This first workshop sets you up for success for the rest of the weekend- don’t miss this one! 
Have you ever experienced instability in your sacrum? In our second session, we will explore the SI Joint and it's potential to offer us improved freedom of movement and (re)gain mobility in our entire spine.  Understand the biomechanics of how strength is the key to our mobility and flexibility. 
We "carry the weight the world on our shoulders". Someone gives us the "cold shoulder". Have you be wanting to "lift the burden off your shoulders”? In session 3, we inquire into what is possible with range of motion without restraint in the arms and upper torso. We will learn some simple tools you can use at home for various conditions such as frozen shoulder, tendonitis and carpel tunnel syndrome. 
Our last session will bring together a full practice with many of the tools learned in each of the sessions - offering a full practice of yoga for strength and culminate for yoga for rest through long held prop supported postures. Learn how the marriage of these 2 practices - strength and rest are the perfect partners for creating change in the body. 

From the owner, Sue:

"Thank you Melissa, for such a wonderful, inspiring weekend! The discussion were inviting and exploratory and the knowledge enlightening! You are a wonderful teacher that truly cares about the student, the content and producing teachers that understand the mysteries of the body mind and spirit. Love you dearly!!!!"


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