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"So having had the absolute pleasure of experiencing restorative teacher training with Melissa Smith Yoga I absolutely recommend that everyone try introducing this wellness into their practice! It truly reminds you of the reasons why we practice yoga and allows you to really understand yourself beyond the asana."
​-Amanda G. December 2017

Yoga Source

April 17, 2021 From: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Taking a deep dive into how the nervous system responds to doing and non-doing, we’ll explore all the benefits the body receives from rest and how to attune to our most misunderstood system of the body. Science is still uncovering all the possibilities in how we co-regulate with one another and create a sense of safety within. Learn how you can improve your vagal tone and immunity through nervous system regulation. Explore how to decrease stress and improve resiliency through simple restorative postures. The workshop will include some discussion, poetry, benefits and application of props you have at home, and experiential time in postures.
Investment: $30 + Tax

"There is always a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that forever is a gift you bring to your Restorative Workshops, Melissa! Somatic experiences and fluid body sensing is the best... I am excited to bring new tools to my practice and bring an ever deepening experience for students to feel restored, renewed, and empowered." 
-Pamela, January 2017

"Thank you Melissa Smith for such a wonderful, inspiring weekend! The discussions were inviting and exploratory and the knowledge enlightening! You are a wonderful teacher that truly cares about the student, the content and producing teachers that understand the mysteries of the body mind and spirit."
​-The Woodlands Yoga Studio, January 2017

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