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Online Mentoring

Accompaniment Program for Yoga Teachers

​Work with the Koshas to develop your own personal growth as a practitioner and go a step further by diving into the day to day design of realistically making a living from doing what you love. 

​The Online Mentorship program is a 3 month program that begins with a free call. Then, if the fit feels right, we walk together to map out a plan that feels manageable for your desires and goals. Weekly, we touch base with homework and emails of accountability toward the growth plan you decide on. Whether it’s projects that you have always wanted to tackle but need just a bit of direction, accountability to renew your commitment to Your highest Self, or maybe you’re wanting to take your teaching skills up a notch and need mentorship to make the magic happen-- we will work hand in hand to accomplish it. Our monthly calls will shore up questions and provide an immediate sounding board for reflection and give you the confidence you have been seeking to move into your own grace.
 We will with the Koshas to develop your own personal growth as a practitioner and go a step further by diving into the day to day design of realistically making a living from doing what you love.
Free Discovery Session​
A free 45 minute call session will start you off. Over the course of 3 months, we will partner together to talk about your desires, dharma (mission) and how to realistically move toward being your best Self as you are today through your teaching. It’s an accompaniment rather than mentorship because my desire is to empower you and to offer you tools to do the work that is unique to you. I feel we all have the ability to transform and evolve - it is within us already. The tipping point is our own will and desire. You’ll find many helpful nuggets to get you started even in that first call.
Post Accompaniment Program
So you’ve graduated from the Program, now what? Continue your work with me as a companion to your path. Each call will allow you springboard from where you are at that moment. Each week there is some follow up work to commit to your own growth that is mutually designed with your path in mind. The power of time and experience will allow these sessions to gracefully piece together how you can dive even deeper into your practice, your teaching and your Self. Continuous accountability offers the chance to benchmark your progress, persevere in the desire to be challenged - through tapas - pure refinement.

​If you’re interested, click above and you will be prompted to schedule your unique free session and fill out a questionnaire to help uncover where you are in your path.


With this free call, you will walk away with a several concepts to springboard you to where you want to be regardless of whether you decide to continue the program. Following our session, you can then determine whether this is something you’d like to continue.

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Working with Melissa as a mentor has been a great pleasure and also a big help with so many changes happening in my life. She has guided me to recognize my purpose, prioritize my tasks, given me advice on how to manage my new studio and counsel regarding the studies and workshops that I want to continue. Accountability is primordial to focus and be able to advance with my objectives. Her knowledge and experience with restorative yoga, biomechanics and yoga therapy has inspired me to be use the tools I have learned more skillfully. -Maria

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"I’ve been searching for a mentor and yoga teacher to learn and grow from for some time now and finally feel like I have found my match. I took Melissa’s Restorative Teacher Training in Houston this past May and was intrigued by her knowledge and love for healing the body. After a really successful, detailed, organized and fulfilling restorative teacher training, I decided to sign up for her 3 month Accompaniment Program for Teachers. I am in my 3rd month now and could not have asked for a better program to sign up for. It is by far the best investment in furthering my yoga training that I have made so far. Melissa truly takes the time to get to know you, offer you insight and give you more than enough to work towards. Her accessibility is wonderful and her knowledge outshines any teacher I know. I am very blessed to have taken the opportunity to learn from her and it has helped me grow as a teacher and a student immensely. My knowledge base in yoga and anatomy has bloomed in just 3 months and I will be forever grateful for the mentorship she has provided me. I highly recommend her teacher trainings and her mentorship program and even her Galveston AcroYoga retreat she so kindly invited me to during my program. I can’t say enough good things about her and her giving teaching style. “

​~ Kalynn Evans, co-founder Yoga Athletex

"I signed up for Melissa's accompaniment program after completing her Restorative Yoga teacher training. I was drawn to Melissa's bright, gentle spirit, and was impressed by her knowledge of the body. I learned a lot in the training, and was interested to continue to learn alongside Melissa -- I felt that I would be able to talk candidly with her about my challenges as a yoga teacher and seek breakthroughs. Our talks have been amazing. Melissa listens deeply and offers purposeful feedback. Phone calls are followed up by assignments that deepen the work and broaden the scope of our discussions. After just our first two calls, Melissa has provided references, tools and insight that have already made a difference in how I show up as a teacher and as a human. I'm so glad I took this opportunity to work more deeply with Melissa.”  -Jannelle

"The accompaniment program with Melissa Smith helped me bring to life my aspirations as a yoga teacher.  Melissa listened to me, heard me, and helped my extract what it was I truly wanted personally and professionally which turned out to be continuing education in the healing aspect of yoga.  I found the experience to be transformative for me as I gained confidence in pursuing my passion for Yoga and developing a deeper understanding of myself and my relationship to my teaching experience. I would recommend the accompaniment program with Melissa Smith to Yoga teachers at all levels in their teaching experience."  - Cecile

​If you’re looking to continue to cultivate on an ongoing monthly call with Melissa, purchase either 6 months or one year monthly follow up sessions.

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