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Discover your best holiday yet while exploring the beauty in Iceland! 
Come prepared to let go of routine and explore the natural wonder that is Iceland, a holiday unlike any other. This retreat will be a genuine respite from the world and help you dive into the the transformative power of travel and retreating.
The raw and fierce beauty of Iceland is awe inspiring.  The volcanic power that continues to form this island is palatable in the hum of Reykjavik and in the echoes of ageless glaciers and exploding geysers.  Hot water for your tea?  Hot shower water in your room?  Yup, all geo-thermally heated.  Iceland, in all its seasons and facets, is an extraordinary yoga retreat backdrop. From our base in Reykjavik we’ll find the rhythm of the city with multiple escapes to unrivaled natural beauty.

Optional Excursions

Between yoga, the full days of included excursions and chilling with new friends there is a ton to do on this amazing island. Plug the locals for fun excursions and check out below for additional awesome adventures. Please note that weather does play a part in some of the excursions so yogi flexibility (pun always intended) is always appreciated.


All but two dinners are included so that you can get out and enjoy Reykjavik’s culinary scene which ranges from the traditional to ‘new’ traditional to international and to raw. We highly recommend popping into Glo. These guys to raw, vegetarian, chicken and soup organic every day and pride themselves on sourcing locally. All locations are walkable from our home base and definitely worth the stroll.

The options are an additional cost but there is more than enough fun and quirky adventure to be had by strolling Reykjavik or hopping on a bike from the hotel. In particular, a trip to the top of the Hallgrímskirkja offers unbeatable views and can help you spot your next destination: Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, also known as ‘the best hot dog in town’. Hot dogs are something of a national obsession, so if you’re willing, it’s definitely something to scratch off your ‘to do’ list…See all the choices here on Optional Exertions.

Our home base in Reykjavik at the Grand serves as our retreat-home as well as our practice space for four nights of our journey.  A beautiful hardwood floored studio awaits morning and evening practice while their kitchen turns out delicious vegetarian and non-veggie meals to nourish and nosh on.
Our rooms at the base of Mount Hekla bring us closer to nature for two nights of our journey. They are smaller than the city hotel rooms but with unrivaled views. Gaze out onto the surrounding fields dotted with the property’s host of Icelandic horses or towards the museum building beautifully constructed, in part, with volcanic rock. Rooms have en suite bathrooms and will be configured with either two twin beds or one king based on your initial room request.
Executive Rooms at Reykjavik at the Grand
​Executive rooms offer comfort with Scandinavian luxury.  Clean, crisp rooms with large bathrooms lull each yogi to sleep.  Bask in the thoughtful extras of heated towel racks (a welcome luxury), long tubs and deep, comfortable beds.
Atrium Rooms at Reykjavik at the Grand
Atrium rooms offer many of the same comforts of the Superior Executive room with a few slight differences.  Atrium rooms will look in towards the spacious and natural-light filled lobby area and will be slightly smaller than their Executive cousins.   All of these rooms can accommodate two beds for roommates and are a wonderfully comfortable alternative to the Executive rooms.
Day 1
  • Early (very early for most of us) morning arrival in Iceland
  • Transfer to Reykjavik (approx 1hr) and drop bags off at our hotel
  • Rejuvenate with a full breakfast (coffee!) and take a few moments to relax
  • Head out for a walking foodie tour of Reykjavik
    • Get your bearings and a gastronomical tour of this eaty-eclectic country
  • Play in downtown or stroll back and check in to your room
  • Evening de-plane and welcome yoga class
  • Group welcome dinner

Day 2
  • Early morning yoga and big (big) buffet breakfast
  • Visit the homes of the elves, Vikings, and the stunning Reykjanes Peninsula
  • After a day of exploring we’ll head over for a soak in the warm-zen-goodness of the Blue Lagoon
  • Head back for an evening yoga class and dinner on your own tonight

Day 3
  • Up early today for breakfast and packing for our Iceland nature adventure in Hekla
  • Cover more areas of the Golden Circle and secret-surprise stops on our way
    • Photo opts at Gullfoss’ (the ‘Golden Falls’) natural and massive gorgeousness
    • Education time at Thingvellir- Iceland’s old parliment and UNESCO World Heritage Site
    • Watch Strokker (geyser) explode
    • And maybe a secret stop for you Game of Thrones fans
  • Arriving in the late afternoon/early evening near the base of the Hekla volcano we’ll check in and roll out our mats for yoga
  • Dinner in a room with floor to ceiling views of Hekla and the stars
  • Spy for the Northern Lights
    • Jump in the Viking Pool on-property for some natural spring warmth while you wait for the show
Day 4
  • Our morning yoga class takes in Hekla’s beauty from the practice space
  • Fill up with breakfast and get ready for a day of natural exploration
    • We will head to the black sand beach and crazy nature-cut rock formations on the coast
    • Option to ride the Icelandic horses that roam our exclusive location
  • Head in for early evening yoga and dinner
  • Our second night in nature will, hopefully, bring our second night of light sightings

Day 5
  • Early morning yoga and breakfast at the hotel
  • Pack up and say goodbye to the south as we head back to humming Reykjavik
  • On our drive back we’ll hit up the remaining half of the Golden Circle
    • Hit up Kerid crater
    • Wow at Faxi waterfall
    • The ‘good troll’ burial site at Haukadalur
    • Vígda laug historical site (Icelandic ‘Holy Pool’)
  • Rock back into Reykjavik in time for evening yoga
  • Trip into town for some city-vibes and dinner

Day 6
  • Early morning yoga and breakfast at the hotel
  • Last day to take in Reykjavik, sample the local cuisine and get your puffin stuffie
  • Early evening yoga class and closing circle
  • Final group dinner

Day 7
  • Depending on your flight time it’s up for breakfast, hugs and goodbyes
  • Transfer to KEF and shuffle through a week’s awesome memories while waiting to board!
*Schedules will vary slightly based on weather and final itineraries will go out to the travel crew about a month prior to departure. Our schedule above gives you an overall picture of what a week in Iceland will look like.
Morning practices will be emulate the beauty around us through a slow-flow Vinyasa Yoga practice, where each of the postures will be felt and held in tune with our breath, finishing with longer held restorative poses and either a delicious Savasana or intention setting Yoga Nidra practice. Some days, walking or seated meditation will also be offered.

After each day’s adventures, we will return to a late afternoon practice that could include some Thai Yoga Massage, luxuriously restful Restorative and Yoga Nidra or a simple meditation.

Through our time together, we will come away with a sense of community, restoration and the ability to see and appreciate the beauty of Iceland with freshly rejuvenated mind, body and heart. 
Double Occupancy
Atrium Room: $3595 per person
Superior Room: $3795 per person
Single Occupancy
Atrium Room: $3895 per person
Superior Room: $3995 per person

"Melissa is truly an inspiration, she teaches from the heart with wealth of knowledge.  She has passion and dedication and this shines through in all that she does. Melissa creates a warm loving environment in which to learn. She has taught me so much about my own body and how to help others. A retreat or teacher training with her is an experience that you will be endlessly grateful for. You will come away refreshed rejuvenated and restored.  Love to you Melissa."

Melissa...this was such an amazing trip and great group of people!!! Thank you so much for leading it!! I would highly recommend this to anyone who would like to really see and explore Iceland and travel with Melissa!


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