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Thai Yoga Massage Foundation Course 

With Katrin Heuser

Pranava Yoga Studio

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Cancelled due to travel restrictions for the trainer. See Katrin's online offerings.

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Katrin has always been interested in the body and movement. After many years of dance, her Scoliosis lead her to Pilates and finally to Yoga and Thai Massage, which then became her path in life. For her it’s about the never ending discovery of body and mind, to deepen the awareness and to release all tension and stagnation. Only then, the journey towards healing and transformation can begin, the capacity and power of resistance of the body can grow, and more space for positive life energy and joy can develop. Katrin runs a small Yoga studio in Lisbon, where she teaches and gives Osteothai treatments. And otherwise she travels a lot giving training courses in Thai Massage.  
An in-depth introduction to the powerful and subtle work of Thai Yoga Massage and a wonderful opportunity to learn an ancient and powerful form of bodywork with countless benefits. Develop the skills to help people with their physical and emotional imbalances and at the same time embark on an ongoing journey of self-healing and spiritual deepening. 
Who is this course for? 
- anyone interested to become a fully qualified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner
- yoga teachers, therapists and bodyworkers who wish to expand their skills set
- individuals who wish to help family members or friends or do something for their own personal development
What will you learn in this course?
The focus of these five days will be on how to connect with the different layers of the human being through the power of touch. With playful exercises and partner work we will try to get out of the thinking mind and into our feeling hands. We will explore together: 
- energy and how can we connect with it
- the power of touch
- movement as expression of life
- meditation in movement
- the teachings of the Brahmavihara (loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, equanimity)
- deep connection 
This course offers a deep foundation and detailed understanding of the principles of Thai Yoga Massage. By the end of this training you will be able to give a balanced 1.5h treatment. Learn about:
- the principle of touch, which is the essence of Thai Yoga Massage
- background and benefits of Thai Yoga Massage
- energy line system (10 Sen)
- basic anatomy and physiology
- a selection of moves and techniques that allow you to give a safe and balanced 1-1.5h treatment 
- safe body mechanics
- a selection of moves and techniques you can integrate into other bodywork you practice or with 1-2-1 yoga students
- improve your hands-on adjustments as a yoga teacher and learn some partner work you can integrate into your classes
This five-day course is the perfect way to start your Thai Massage journey.
What is Thai Yoga Massage?
Thai Yoga Massage comes from an ancient Buddhist tradition and is a unique combination of yoga, acupressure, meditation, physiotherapy and energy work. It is a holistic therapy form with the aim to restore the natural energy balance in body and mind.
Thai Massage, with its grounding and deeply relaxing qualities, is the perfect antidote to our modern lifestyle stresses. With the release of holding and blockages, not only the body can regenerate, but the mind also has a chance to quieten down. 
Thai Massage promotes general health and well-being. Working to release blockages in the body’s energy system, it can help to improve posture, lower back pain, breathing and flexibility. It helps to dissolve muscular tension and can counteract physical and mental exhaustion, stress symptoms and discomfort. The neurological response makes the organs work more efficiently, so digestion and circulation can improve, blood pressure level can normalise and headaches disappear. 

Tentative Schedule:



Morning Practice



Break for tea 










Tuesday, June 23rd

Full day

Wednesday, June 24th

Full day

Thursday, June 25th

Morning only​

Friday, June 26th

Morning only​

Saturday, June 27th

Full day

Sunday, June 28th

Full day

Investment: $595 
Early Bird pricing $549 through March 23rd


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